How do you tell the truth about the burberry scarf?

How to distinguish burberry scarf
1, observe from the box
The logo “BURBERRY” on the fake burberry scarf box uses ordinary Heidelberg four-color printing, and some simply print the bad machine; while the logo “BURBERRY” on the burberry scarf box uses the Heidelberg high-precision laser synchronous printing machine. The unit cost is 400,000 US dollars. Printed with laser anti-counterfeit lasers, with varying gradations of light and color.

2, scarf line foot difference
The trademark of the counterfeit burberry scarf uses a mechanical sewing machine, and the two sides are directly sewn on the scarf with a dense stitch, which itself damages the beauty. The trademark of the burberry scarf of the main cabinet is manually stitched, and the four points are fixed to the scarf with the last needle to ensure the integrity of the product.

Because of the international practice: when the scarf is worn, it is necessary to remove the trademark, rather than being easily removed by household tools as easily as we are.

3, scarf label information
The tag of each item displays the main information, which is the important geological details. The information describing the characteristics of the product, such as color, origin, product number and size, is displayed in detail on the tag. Each piece of information has a “meter”-like symbol in front of it. The symbols are randomly added at the end of the eight positions with random circles and bold, mainly for anti-counterfeiting and internal monitoring.
The genuine products of the main cabinet are shown in the following figure: The “meter” pattern in front of the product number “PRODUCT” is bolded at the end of the three ends; the “meter” pattern in front of the product size “SIZE” is eight. Only two ports in the port are not bold at the end. These are internal controls used to display the source of the production and processing procedures, not completely regular scarf anti-counterfeiting information, but because of the high printing accuracy and high cost, counterfeiting is more difficult. There is a saying that is not completely correct: “It is said that there are no two characters on the BURBERRY scarf tag are exactly the same.”
The replica
burberry scarf are shown in the following picture: the fake and inferior tag printing is low and rough. “It is completely imitation, so it is not possible to have high precision at all.”
However, there are relatively delicate replicas on the market today.

4, material work comparison
Due to the poor selection of materials, the imitations are casually made and only pursue similar appearances. Just after the fluffy processing, there is no contrast in the new time, it is still very good; but after a while, the original shape is exposed, subject to the limitations of textile technology and material selection, it will soon become dry and crumpled. Once it is ironed, it becomes flat and the coarse fibers are all exposed. Once depreciated by dry cleaning, the color is immediately distorted due to the rough dyeing technique. The fluff gradually falls off.

Authentic burberry is England’s best-selling international brand for centuries, traditional and unique textile technology, refined flocking technology, and the most stringent material selection process. It is not a black shop that can be randomly created, otherwise people will be mixed for 100 years. . Genuine burberry pure cashmere scarf and pure wool scarf are selected in Angora pure cashmere and Inner Mongolia pure cashmere. The most advanced raw materials are rigorously screened, and the latitude and longitude weaving method is rarely used, so that the products are very close and not deformed to be world-famous, and have been enduring for many years. The fashion weapon in luxury goods, whether you are away from home or entertaining guests, there is a contrast, true and false immediately dwarfed!