Why did I buy a Burberry cashmere scarf?

As early as the 1880s, the British “Hans & Bocks Bulletin” published an advertisement for the Burberry cashmere scarf. For more than a century, this veteran British brand has been working with old workshops in the suburbs of Scotland to produce cashmere scarves. The iconic checkered cashmere scarf is also the most popular item in addition to the windbreaker.
1. Burberry scarf, what styles?

Burberry’s scarf styles include: iconic cashmere scarves, high fashion show scarves, blended scarves, scarves, cloaks and shawls.
1. Iconic cashmere scarf

There are two different styles in the iconic cashmere scarf: CLASSIC and LIGHTWEIGHT.
CLASSIC uses the iconic cashmere, which has a certain thickness and the most classic style.
It is also the star of many street shooting items.
There are 70 colors in CLASSIC, and there are different new season classic cashmere scarves every year.
LIGHTWEIGHT is a lightweight scarf that uses superior superfine cashmere fibers for high breathability and, of course, high prices.
LIGHTWEIGHT does not have long tassels, but instead chooses to use two fringe tassels at both ends.

2. High Fashion Show Scarf THE FRINGE
Scarves of different materials were released on the 2015 autumn and winter high fashion show. Fan said about the classic cashmere series. The FRINGE-checkered cashmere fringed scarf on both sides of the tassels adds a modern touch to the classic cashmere scarf.
3. Cloak and shawl PONCHOS, WRAPS & CAPES
Burberry’s men’s shawls are also available in wool and cashmere blends. However, straight men who don’t understand tassels should not accept such a match. .

Cashmere felt, cashmere blend, wool blended material, plaid, solid color and beautiful print tones, draped over the body, giving a warm and tender feeling.
If it is in the fall or winter, or staying outdoors for a short time, a shawl is still worth having.

Second, as a luxury brand, Burberry’s scarf, expensive also has a reason.

With a big eye, Burberry’s cashmere scarf, the price has already arrived at some coat prices. A signature cashmere scarf with a plaid pattern from the Heritage trench coat. Each scarf is made from a 200-year-old professional workshop on the outskirts of Scotland.
The production of a cashmere scarf requires 30 fine processes
▲The finest Kashmir cashmere.
▲ craftsman manual wire drawing inspection.
Weaving cashmere fabrics with traditional British textile machines.
Every cashmere line has perfect weight and toughness. This scene reminds me of the situation of the older generation of hand-made cotton threads.
After the fabric is finished, it is then immersed and washed with the clear spring water of the Scottish Highlands.
It is very comfortable when exposed to the fluffy texture of cashmere fibers.
The final brushing process is also very special. Because of its brushed tool, it is the British traditional velvet grass.
The soft touch that you create with such care will make you feel a little happy after you wear it.
Third, you can embroider the name of the private imprint

The Burberry scarf has a very intimate private imprint service. This private imprint is only used on classic cashmere scarves.
Imprint: Just add an exquisite name to the end of the scarf.

Beckham’s second son, Romeo James BECKHAM, has always been a small spokesperson for Burberry. The scarf he wore has [private stamp] : RJB.